Top Benefits of a Car Detailing

August 20, 2020
Harrion Baron

Car detailing is the thorough cleaning of both the interior and the exterior parts of a vehicle, to get the look, smell, and feel of a brand new car. It is usually more expensive than just regular washing, but it is worth every penny that you will spend. It requires to be done by an expert using some specialized equipment and supplies. And just as regular car care routine is important, detailing your car is also an important aspect of keeping your car in perfect condition and extending your car’s lifespan and quality. And although it is not possible to maintain your car perfectly, car detailing should be done at least once every year.


Car detailing is broken into two categories interior and exterior:


Exterior Detailing

The first thing that people notice is the outside appearance of your car; that is why car detailers dedicate most of their attention on the exterior surfaces of a car. To maintain the car’s quality, the detailer focuses on painting, and he also works on the windows, doors, wheels, tires, and rims of the car.

Here is the most common process of exterior detailing


Wash and dry

The car is first washed with high power wash, then it is hand-washed, then finally, it is dried using microfibers.



It is important to make sure that any impurities that have been left on the paint of your car are removed. Certain substances such as tar can cling on the surface of your car, thus exposing it to damage. There are many solvents used to remove impurities, but it depends on what specifically you want to get rid of. For example, a clay bar is used to remove any impurities left on a clear coat layer of your paint.



There is a certain level of clear coat protection that your car is supposed to have for it to protect the color of your car. There are different ways of protecting the paint of your car can, such as carnauba-based wax and nano ceramic. The best option for any car owner is nano-ceramic, which can last for up to two years.



Exterior detailing ends with applying a sealant or wax, which gives your car shine.


Interior Detailing

It is very easy for germs and dust to accumulate inside the car with time, especially if the car owner does not have time to clean the car thoroughly. This is why car detailing is very important as specialized supplies to clean.

Here is the most common process of interior detailing



This the very first step of interior detailing all the parts of the car are thoroughly cleaned using a vacuum.



The purpose of brushing is to remove all the strains remaining that normal cleaning cannot remove, for example, strains from fluids.



This step focuses on some specific parts, such as the windows and the dashboard. A cleaning agent is used to bring out the new shine of your car.



The final step is spraying your car to make sure it has a good odor. This spray comes in a different scent, so you choose the one that you want the detailer to use in your car.


The following are some of the reasons why it is important to detail your car

1.Preserving the appearance of your car

Although a car cannot look the same as it did in the showroom, regular car detailing like waxing your car to protect paint can help preserve your car’s appearance. A car that is regularly detailed will continue to shine and always look in good shape.


2. Maintaining the value of your car

It’s important to detail your car regularly so if you want to resell it you can get the best price for the car. Car detailing your car tells a buyer that the car has been well maintained; thus it is worth the price. Similarly, a neglected car with dirty seats and dull color will not attract buyers, and the worth of that car will go down.


3. Promotes good hygiene

Most people spend most of their time in their cars; hence a clean and well-detailed interior of a car is of utmost priority. Regularly treat and moisturize the leather surfaces to maintain their appearance and also their quality. The plastic surfaces also should be treated, and the interior properly vacuumed to eliminate bad odor. Also thorough cleaning with sterile and vacuum is vital as it removes particles and kills germs from your car.


4. To ease maintenance routine

When your car engine and other interior surfaces are clean, your mechanic can identify any part that might be faulty quickly. Also, other maintenance routines such as oils and fluids checks become much easier when the engine bay is clean.


5. It tells more about your personality.

When going for a job interview, it is important to ensure that your car is in good condition. Sometimes employers look at many things, not just your educational qualification before they can hire you. Although your car’s condition may not prevent you from getting the job, it can leave a negative impression on their mind.


6. It prevents continued wear and tear

Then the interior parts of your car are neglected, dirt and dust can cause them to wear. Car detailing is important as it cleans thoroughly every bolt and screw; thus, the car is kept in a good condition for a long time.


7. It stresses on details

In most cases, your car is a reflection of whom you are; that is your personality. People will judge you based on your car detailing; hence it is important to ensure that your car reflects best who you truly are. this is ideal to attract more clients in case you need to sell it.


Car detailing is as important as any regular maintenance routine; thus it is important for every car owner to budget for car detailing. It doesn’t need to be very expensive. Just look around for the detailer that offers the services that you can afford.