Synergy Worx Foam Gun


Synergy Worx Foam Gun


Wash your car like the pros! When using Synergy Worx Premium Foam Gun, you’ll be able to remove any surface dirt and grime before moving onto your regular washing routine. Instead of grinding any dirt into your paint, our Foam Gun will help create a safe wash experience by leaving the surface as clean as possible before your wash mitt goes to work!

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  • Works with standard garden hose
  • Quick release attachment
  • Produces a thick layer of foam
  • Removes surface dirt and grime before washing
  • Creates a safe wash experience

Product Details

Not everyone has access to a power washer. Instead, most only have access to a regular garden hose. With understanding this, Synergy Worx Foam Gun was created in order to fill that void! Synergy Worx Foam Gun produces a thick layer of suds (when using Synergy Worx Supreme Suds) that will help create a safe wash experience every time! When using Synergy Worx Foam Gun, the dirt and debris that is on the exterior of your vehicle will be pulled off gradually before moving on to the normal wash process.

Not only will Synergy Worx Foam Gun produce foam to cover the obvious areas throughout the exterior of the vehicle, but Synergy Worx Foam Gun is nimble enough to help reach tight areas such as fender wells, under carriages and more!

Synergy Worx Foam Gun comes equipped with a quick release attachment that connects to the spray nozzle included in the kit. Whether the foam gun is attached or not, the spray nozzle gives off a powerful stream which comes in handy during the wash process even if the general water pressure isn’t all that great. Washing your car with Synergy Worx Foam Gun will be a blast!

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