Synergy Worx Foam Cannon


Synergy Worx Foam Cannon


Wash your car like the pros! When using Synergy Worx Premium Foam Cannon, you’ll be able to remove any surface dirt and grime before moving onto your regular washing routine. Instead of grinding any dirt into your paint, our Foam Cannon will help create a safe wash experience by leaving the surface as clean as possible before your wash mitt goes to work!

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  • Works with standard Pressure Washer
  • Quick release attachment
  • Produces a thick layer of foam
  • Removes surface dirt and grime before washing
  • Creates a safe wash experience

Product Details

The traditional way of washing a car is old news. When it comes to washing a car, it should be fun rather than feeling like a chore. With Synergy Worx Foam Cannon, not only will you be having fun, but you will also be achieving the best results possible! Synergy Worx Foam Cannon produces a thick layer of foam (when using Synergy Worx Supreme Suds) at the beginning of your wash process which will help disturb any stubborn build up on the exterior of your vehicle. By doing this, the dirt and debris that is prone to causing defects in your paint such as swirl marks will be eliminated!

With the thick layer of foam produced by Synergy Worx Foam Cannon, the suds will gradually pull anything off of the surface before you continue with your normal wash method. Once the paint is rinsed off from the initial foaming process, continuing with the 2 bucket wash method will ensure the best possible results when washing your car.

Synergy Worx Foam Cannon can be paired with any reputable power washer on the market. Coming equipped with a quick release attachment, setting up Synergy Worx Foam Cannon will be the easiest part of the entire wash process. Once everything is set up, enjoy the freedom of choosing which spray stream fits your needs by being able to adjust the settings built into the foam cannon itself. Synergy Worx Foam Cannon will have you feeling like the pros by the time you’re done!

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