Synergy Worx 5pc Brush Kit


Synergy Worx 5pc Brush Kit


Sometimes you need a little boost when it comes to getting rid of the stubborn build up in difficult areas. With that being said, Synergy Worx Brush Kit will fit all of your needs when it comes to the smaller details during the detailing process. Reaching tight areas throughout the interior and exterior, these brushes will help leave behind a finish that only the professionals are known to achieve!

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  • Soft natural bristles
  • Light in weight
  • Sizes to fit all tight areas

Product Details

Cleaning the inside of the wheels is almost impossible without taking the wheels of the car… right? WRONG! Synergy Worx Wheel Brush was designed in order to help reach all sides of the wheel no matter how difficult the wheel pattern is. Synergy Worx Wheel Brush is light, agile and effective from start to finish. Equipped with bristles that are soft yet sturdy, breaking down build up in the hard to reach areas is now a realistic task!

Cleaning wheels shouldn’t be an all day event. When combining Synergy Worx Wheel Brush with Synergy Worx Wash Mitt and Synergy Worx Wheel Cleaner, cleaning wheels has never been easier! Normally, most would rely on Synergy Worx Wheel Cleaner to take care of the areas Synergy Worx Wash Mitt can’t fit, but that all changes when adding Synergy Worx Wheel Brush to the arsenal.

Synergy Worx Wheel Cleaner helps agitate the surface dirt and build up throughout the entire wheel, while Synergy Worx Wash Mitt and Synergy Worx Wheel Brush follows behind to remove anything left behind. When combining all 3 and following the proper steps, the results will speak for themselves!

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