Supreme Suds 16oz


Supreme Suds 16oz


Ok, let’s just add a little bit of the special stuff to make the soap just right… (EXPLOSION)

“Hey are you alright?”
“Do you want to talk about why there’s Suds everywhere?”

And that’s how our Supreme Suds was created!

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  • Easy to use
  • Safe on all surfaces
  • Safe for clear bra and ceramic coatings
  • Can be used with foam gun, foam cannon or in bucket

Product Details

How to use

Step 1:

Add 2-4 oz to wash bucket, foam gun or foam cannon then fill with water
Step 2
Wash car with wash pad or mitt utilizing The 2 Bucket Wash Method and applying in straight back and forth motions (no circles)
Step 3
Rinse vehicle off and dry with drying towel

  • Listen, we get it! Everyone wants the most Suds as possible in order to “Do it for the Gram”. We can’t blame you, so do we! With understanding this, we created Synergy Worx Supreme Suds in order to deliver thick “Shaving Cream” type Suds all over your entire car. Not only will it look good for pictures, but you can also have the peace of mind knowing that our Supreme Suds will be dragging off anything that’s on the exterior surface of your vehicle creating a safe wash experience moving forward!
  • Synergy Worx Supreme Suds was designed to be the go to product when it comes to achieving thick Suds when using a Foam Cannon or Foam Gun. Although Synergy Worx Supreme Suds compliments a Foam Cannon or Foam Gun perfectly, you can also use it as a Shampoo/Soap when washing with the Two Bucket Wash Method. With that being said, Synergy Worx Supreme Suds is one of the most versatile products there is when it comes to washing your vehicle properly!
  • For the best results when washing a car, we recommend using Synergy Worx Supreme Suds with a Foam Gun or Foam Cannon prior to using the Two Bucket Wash Method. Once the surface is prepared properly, continue to wash the car with Synergy Worx Supreme Suds and our Super Soft Wash Mitt. After the car has been washed and rinsed thoroughly, dry the car with our Standard Drying Towel or our Super Drying Towel. For extra added shine, follow up with Synergy Worx Detail Spray over the entire exterior surface of the car.