Super Drying Towel (1 Pack)


Super Drying Towel (1 Pack)


Rumor has it, Superman uses this drying towel when he details his cars! We haven’t been able to prove it, but we’d like to think the name would fit his needs when it comes to getting the job done right! With our Super Drying Towel being the size that it is, you can safely cut down the time it takes to dry your vehicle when comparing to our regular Drying Towel. Be sure to get yours while supplies lasts as some guy named Clark Kent from Metropolis, Illinois keeps ordering them by the truck load!

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  • Twice as thick as our standard Drying Towel
  • Super Soft and Gentle on all exterior surfaces
  • Dry your entire car without ringing out towel
  • Reduces drying time
  • 1200 GSM Super Plush Drying Towel