Forza Ceramic Graphene Coating 25-Pack

Forza Ceramic Graphene Coating 25-Pack


Approved Installers Only

Introducing the next level of Ceramic Coatings, Synergy Worx Forza (Ceramic Coating with Graphene Technology)! There’s no question, the detailing industry is evolving every day and it was only a matter of time until the successor of a traditional Ceramic Coating came to life. Resulting in a glossier, longer lasting, more durable layer of protection, Synergy Worx Forza is here to set the standard when it comes to protecting your vehicle!


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Product Details

Add Synergy Worx Forza (Ceramic Coating with Graphene Technology) evenly throughout an applicator pad before applying product directly to 1 panel at a time. Overlap each pass during the application process in order to ensure the entire panel is covered properly.

Once the panel is fully covered, let the product flash between 1-2 minutes before removing product with a microfiber towel. Please note, flash time is subject to change depending on surrounding conditions.

Follow behind with a second microfiber towel to ensure the leveling process is complete and no excess product is left behind. Allow Synergy Worx Forza to cure for 12 hours before adding a second coat, 24 hours before driving and 72 hours before coming in contact with water.

*For the best possible results, correct and prep all surfaces prior to application. Shake well before use.