All Purpose Cleaner 16oz


All Purpose Cleaner 16oz


We’re not sure if other companies out there understand that the “All” in “All Purpose Cleaner” is actually supposed to mean… “All”! Lucky for you, we received our degrees from elementary school! Not just a degreaser, not just an under carriage spray, not just a stain remover, not just… Ok, ok enough, you get it right?

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  • Breaks down dirt and grime
  • Cuts cleaning time in half

Product Details

How to use

Step 1:

Spray product on surface or on microfiber
Step 2
All APC to break down grime for 30 seconds
Step 3
Rinse surface or agitate with Microfiber towel as needed
Step 4
Enjoy a gime free finish

  • You know when you see somebody getting down and dirty during a job and you say to yourself “Man, I’m glad I don’t have that guy’s job!”? Well… that’s what the rest of the Synergy Worx Premium Car Care Products says when they see Synergy Worx All Purpose Cleaner go to work! The dirty jobs aren’t for the pretty products, so that’s why we designed Synergy Worx All Purpose Cleaner to handle all of the dirty work.
  • Synergy Worx All Purpose Cleaner is the perfect solution when it comes to breaking down heavy dirt, grime and build up in areas such as the Undercarriage Wheel Wells, and Engine Bay! Although Synergy Worx All Purpose Cleaner is aggressive enough to take on the stubborn areas of exterior of the car, it’s also gentle and effective enough to clean the interior! Cleaning everything from Leather, Vinyl, Trim, Carpet and Upholstery, Synergy Worx All Purpose Cleaner literally covers it “All” inside and out!
  • For the best results, confirm the area is cool to the touch prior to applying Synergy Worx All Purpose Cleaner. Do not apply Synergy Worx All Purpose Cleaner to a hot area as staining may occur. Apply Synergy Worx All Purpose Cleaner evenly over the area and let the product agitate any dirt, grime or build up. For the Exterior… wait 15-30 seconds before rinsing the area thoroughly removing any product that was applied to the area. Follow behind with Synergy Worx Car Shampoo and then Synergy Worx Detail Spray in order to achieve a clean and fresh finish! For the Interior… wait 10-15 seconds before using an All Purpose Microfiber Towel (or the Interior Detailing Brush) to agitate and then remove any product that was applied. Follow behind with Synergy Worx Interior Detailer to achieve a natural shine finish!