We get tons of questions so we wanted to do our best to address in our FAQ

Who makes the best car cleaning products on the market?

Synergy Worx USA (I promise we’re not bias)

But seriously, why are you the best?

We were founded by professional detailers and true enthusiasts who know what it takes to provide the best performing products. We were tired of having to use 5 different companies to get 30 different products from. We wanted to break this trend and provide one company, who doesn’t make 50 products that do the same thing. Ever heard of “keep it simple, keep it stupid”? Well we have, but these other product companies have not. We created product line which you can understand and one that doesn’t need multiple products to do one job!

Any other reasons you are the best?

Well since you asked, Yes! We wanted to break the trend of poor customer service and lack of care for customers. We here at Synergy Worx will NEVER forget you, the customer. We want to give back to this great community we are part of and we won’t forget that you helped build it.

Do you make mistakes?

We are all human right?!?! We will make mistakes from time to time. Only difference is we will own those mistakes and make it right at any cost. If in ANY case we fall short, please email or call us. Don’t leave a nasty review on a forum, thread, facebook, instagram, etc. That just hurts our feelings… remember we’re human too!