About Synergy Worx

So one day back in 2015, Nick is outside washing his Viper, minding his own business and enjoying the peace and quiet in the beautiful town of Smithtown, NY. Birds are chirping, kids are chasing the Ice Cream truck, and then here comes some new guy on the block with a GTR sounding like bat out of hell! Now usually, Nick was the only one making all the noise with his cars, but apparently this new guy had other plans in mind. At this point, Nick decided to set up camp with a good old fashioned stakeout and wait for the new guy to come cruising on past. After waiting several hours, the sound of the GTR came from a far signaling Nick that it was time to strike. As the GTR got closer, Nick walked to the middle of the street and stood with a halting gesture as if he was a traffic cop. The GTR slowly came to a stop before the owner stepped out and looked Nick directly in the eyes…

“Who are you?” Nick asked.

“I’m Kenny, who the hell are you?” Kenny responded.

“I’m Nick… nice GTR!”  Nick said.

“Thanks… nice Viper!” Kenny said.

“Appreciate it! Did we just become best friends?” Nick asked.

“I think so!” Kenny shouted!

Now at this point, Nick had already established himself within the Automotive Industry. Being in the Dealership Business since 2008, Nick was able to learn the ins and outs of the industry and understand what it takes in order to provide Excellent Customer Service. During the same time, Nick also managed to start his business Synergy Detailing. Since Detailing his first car in 2008, which happened to be a Black 2004 Honda Civic, Nick has progressed within the Detailing World where he now services cars such as Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bugatti, and other high end models on a regular basis. Over the years, Nick has been able to build a reputation that can “Out Shine” the competition, pun intended!

On the other hand, Kenny has always been a true car enthusiasts who enjoys long walks on the beach but mainly keeping his car collection in pristine condition. Kenny brings his tried and true methods of running a business to the Synergy Worx brand from his other successfully companies. His in-depth knowledge of supply chain, inventory management and financial knowledge ensures Synergy Worx can supply consistent top notch service and great pricing.

Fast forward about 3 years later from when they initially met… Nick and Kenny we’re out to dinner one night having a typical conversation any 2 car guys would normally have. Talking about things such as the garage line up each would have if money wasn’t an option, or how cool it would be to have a private race track of their own, any car guy knows that these talks can last for hours! During the conversation, the dilemma of dealing with an Automotive Detailing Product company without having to pull your hair out came up. Kenny questioned why Nick has so much trouble putting in simple orders with companies he’s been loyal too since the start of Synergy Detailing over 10 years ago. When Nick took it all in and absorbed the question, he was slow to respond with an accurate answer that actually made sense. After sitting for a minute and understanding the reality that these bigger companies don’t seem to care for their customers the way they should, Nick jokingly said “Why don’t we just do our own thing”?. Kenny sat for a brief moment before responding with a simple… “Ok!”.

Nick and Kenny are both very particular about the quality and performance of the products. It took hundreds of iterations of different chemical designs to meet the bar which they set so high. Synergy Worx now has the best products which can be used by the everyday enthusiast detailer and approved by the most well-known professional detailers in the industry.

Thank you for your business!
Nick & Ken